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My 40th Birthday was approaching. My name is Elke, I am 39 years old and live with my husband and our two (adopted) children somewhere in the Ruhr. Many bodies in food, but perhaps also in Dortmund and Oberhausen, Bottrop. My husband and I have not had the luck to get their own offspring. We thought at first – after my husband to the urologist was – the problem lies entirely with him – the doctor diagnosed a too low Spermeinzahl, then came the final “Off” for our desire to have children after all of my doctor: When I was endometriosis diagnosed and a partial my uterus had to be removed. My husband could now save his treatment with zinc supplements to improve his sperm quality, we would never have children of their own. When finally, shortly after my 25th Birthday, my sister (the sister of my husband) and her husband in a car accident died, we name the three year old, orphaned son to us. We pulled him like his own son, and after 3 years was the adoption by. We always have the memory of his parents kept alive and have gone so well. He now has his parents in heaven and us. My husband is his dad, he calls me Mom. And he means it. Was the adoption also – the car accident in which Sven lost his parents for days was the topic in the local press – the media reported (“What became of the little Sven of his parents by the drunk driver Rainer M. lost.”) And Shortly afterwards, the local Youth Welfare Office reported to us. It was a family looking for a girl in Sven’s age. Sara was raised by her mother, who – shortly before her birth father was abroad and fled into hiding – not married. Her mother had now died as a result of severe hepatitis B, and Sarah was alone and without relatives. My husband and I had to think for long: Sven had several times expressed a desire for a “little sister” – Sarah had the chance to fulfill his wish. So now Sara and Sven grew up among us. My husband and I were grateful for the children who were denying us even for biological reasons. And the kids were thankful to have a family. Started to grow our – admittedly – ragtag family together under the roof of our house more and more. As in any family, there were ups and downs with us. Sara was not only tiring during puberty: it was hell. Sven had during his adolescence his apathetic stage was getting a nose ring do (to which he luckily eventually lost interest and he, after his nose, sore thankfully remove left. When Sven started for the opposite sex to interest were, fortunately, his former “friends” out. This had nothing on with girls hat, but were more likely to alcohol and God knows what else for intoxicants. I was just before my 40th birthday, had two well turned-out children The straight from high school had made and a loving husband Our sex life is – is so ago when most married couples – over the years a little asleep: But the weekly sex with my husband is still nice and in between I have a few. nice toys in my night table drawer This Wednesday in June 2010, I wanted to search the Internet a little. After cooking recipes for my birthday I wanted something different than the usual (though still popular) goulash soup to make for my guests, I turned on the PC.. on and reported to me Or better… I thought I remembered announced I was accidentally on the account of my husband on our shared PC I correct my mistake only noticed when I opened my Internet Explorer had since then not mine. Favorites to see (the various recipes I had picked out at, but quite another favorite: “Teens with big tits“, “Gang Bang”, “CumCunts” and a porn blog. As Home appeared not my Yahoo page, but a sexportal. I saw the favorites of my husband. Datingpages were not there, which reassured me. A little surprised I was about two BDSM pages – “dominant women” and “publicly humiliated” in his favorite Well… As long as home is eaten, he can pick up like the Web’s appetite I was browsing the many pages of his favorite bar by some blogs with – I found it quite funny written – Erotic stories were there about some “Hartz4Pornosite” I came finally to a site with free porn pictures, which also pleased me Send young men to see because I deleted the current browser history, and reported from my husband from the PC… to sign up on my account. I printed a few recipes such as “peppers a la Piemontese” and turned off the PC. This is my husband interested in sex toys has, I would have never expected. I’ve treated my joy donors so far as my little private secret . Maybe that was a mistake. It was 10.00 clock. My husband was in office, the kids running the streets. I feel like bekamt on my little joy donor and a bathroom. I took off my clothes and looked at myself in the mirror. What I saw I liked. I was not thin, but already slim. My tits were nice and firm and shapely. My pussy I had not shaved a few weeks, I would do it now. I let water into the tub and used the long-hair trimmer to trim my husband about my pubic hair. With the razors I would do it before the bath the area free of hair around my hole. I realized that I had no blade more for my safety razor. I was hoping that Sara are in their field of bathroom cabinet , and was not disappointed there, I borrowed a fresh blade shaving since the age of 16 my daughter and her plum when naturist holiday -… we made the year -. Sara praised the sudden appearance of my pussy I have great inner labia that between the outer labia through. We have a brief conversation led among women, and I bought Sara her first wet razor. your armpit hair she eliminated as thoroughly as the fuzz on her lower legs. Her pussy she shaved since that time. Her pubic hair was trimmed mohawk simplistic, the area at the entrance to her love cave was free of hair. I frothed up my private parts with the shaving gel and made the area around my labia free of hair. My armpits I shaved too. I took a shower just off the stubble and let water run into the tub. was after 10 minutes . enough water in the bathtub and I put myself in the quite warm water was a little bubble bath in the water I turned on the water diche radio and enjoyed the bathroom while I listened to the news and music I made a decision I would my sex life -.. and to my husband -. to my 40th birthday a little push to give I would purely see today even in the local Beate Uhse sex shop and me with a few nice things – clothes, love balls, vibrators -. stock up and my husband this weekend really seduce me dozed a little in front of me and left, the water had cooled slightly, and my skin was slightly wrinkled, the pan dried me off me and pulled me to:.. Hold-up stockings, mini skirt and a blouse I put on no panties to my … shaved genital area not this provoke the children still were not home, I wrote them a note so they know where I was I have two frozen pizzas pulled from the freezer and put it visible on the hotplates My children had their set meal times – You could set the clock after that. I figured that they would be back around 13:00 clock. I made a shopping list and also took the 50 €, which I calculated for the purchases of daily necessities in the supermarket, another 300 € for . my visit to the sex shop with my husband earned very good and I had inherited some years ago is not exactly small fortune, and the 300 € were yes -. strictly speaking – not a cost but an investment in the sexual life of my husband and me I switched again. . the computer and used Google to get some information about sex toys, the company “Fun Factory” showed up in my results, the Smart Vibes -. these are love balls – and some vibrators liked me and I wrote down the exact product of a vibrator (elLOVE) on. Since I was in “private mode” on Google, I did not need the Delete Browsing History. I took a large shopping bag and my purse with the money and got into my VW Polo. Then I drove off. I went first in the supermarket shop -. to afterwards have time in my actual destination shop that day to browse I went relatively quickly through the supermarket, all stowed in the car on this summer day, it was already around noon pretty hot -. and I sat down briefly in an ice cream parlor. I ordered a large latte and a banana split. I paid immediately as the operation of my order did. In my handbag I got a pair of sunglasses and sat on them, as the midday sun blinded me. I watched what happened outside the cafe and the passers-by which to my table – was the ice cream parlor in the middle of the pedestrian zone -. passed I wanted to know how attractive I was even to other men and decided my “lust factor” to a younger man sitting at the next table and sipping an iced coffee to test. I appreciate him to mid 20th I got the latest issue of Petra out of my purse and looked through this around. And I positioned my right leg on the empty chair at my table. The young man at the next table now had a clear view of my shaved cunt . From the corner of his eye I watched him. At first he felt nothing, but the spoons his iced coffees, he noticed that I was not wearing panties. I pretended I knew nothing and he kept looking furtively under my skirt. apparently liked him what he saw. I was very proud when I realized that he and a small digital camera, which he took with one hand out of his backpack and under the table hidden, photos made by my pussy. I did continue as if I had nothing of noticed the camera and his eyes and led, while I ate my banana split, a hand to my pussy. She was pretty wet and I fingered her passing. He made diligent pictures. I was satisfied. My banana split was eventually eaten. I played briefly with the thought of the banana to introduce into my pussy, rejected this idea but again: Inconspicuous I would make this little can I drank my coffee and sat down with legs on the chair, the young man his camera grabbed one – he felt.. unobserved -… and called the operator to pay then he slipped away entirely fix I assumed that he would go home and jerk off on his PC it has made on his photos would and the thought was it me really horny Maybe see my husband at some point the video or the pictures when you visit any amateur site.

I had finished my coffee and stood up now. I walked through the pedestrian zone. I knew from the “over run”, where the local Beata Uhse shop was. The shop was large and open, it was relatively busy in the shop. Women also were present, which calmed me down a little. I entered the shop. Some men poked at the shelf where there were the pornographic magazines, others were lined up in the corner of the porn DVDs. The women present at the lingerie and ransacked the shelves with the numerous sex toys. I went into the field of business, in which there were the sex toys – and was quickly identified. The vibrator – elLOVE – which I had picked out on the Internet, landed in my basket. A funny-looking vibrator – from the same company as the one I already had in the basket – I liked it too. A Patchy Paul II landed in my basket. A funny-looking, green, vibrator with a “round nose” at the top. According to the text in the box to ensure that stimulation of the legendary G-spot. My eyes fell on another shelf, which contained love balls. The Smart Vibes that I liked immediately were, again from the same company as the two vibrators. Fun Factory somehow met exactly in the design and choice of colors my taste. I bought a set of vaginal pessaries in the color purple. I poked a little by the other shelves. A latex coating bed seemed very practical. I had seen in the browser history of my husband and pissing sites and times itself was actually curious about this variety of the Erotic: A bed cover made of latex could not hurt since. I was now on the shelf with the porno magazines and looked at some booklets. In one of the issues we went especially well to BDSM. A dominatrix – in latex corset with garters and garter belts decreased in high boots and a man there: In the book he had to lick her pussy. Well, that was something to which I would never force my husband because of this very happy licked my hallmark. But one of the favorites from the Explorer of my husband I came back to mind: This page of dominant women. If my husband likes something – I liked the idea of ??him having sex really mastered well. So I went straight to the big area with the laundry articles. Two Latex Corsets – in red and black – I liked. I tried this out in my size. Matching suspenders, as were the suspenders Corsets. I was startled a little as I have been approached from the side. A saleswoman told me that even view copies were available in all sizes to find the right size. I accepted the offer gratefully, and the saleswoman brought a latex corset, albeit in a different color than the one I had chosen. I went into the locker room and took the few clothes I had made. Then I moved to the Latexcorsage and tied them. I looked at myself in the mirror: The part fit like a glove. I went out and kleidte me again. I now had a filled basket. Dominatrix boots would complement my outfit perfectly and I tried several high heels and boots. A pair of high boots and a pair of high heels, finally came into a second basket. The masks in the lingerie department did not like me, they made a cheap feel, and I was satisfied with my recent purchase. I went to the checkout. On the way my eye was still on the shelf with “accessories”: Two pairs of handcuffs still wandered into my basket. At the checkout I saw a pretty salesgirl enjoyed: I assumed that she was to receive a percentage of my purchases and shopping could be seen. The cash that I had taken enough and I do not pay all of my debit card. I signed the receipt and my account was now burdened with € 637.31. Lubricant for the vibrator and another gel for anal sex, I saw only after I had used my debit card. I paid these last two items bar. I left the store and walked to my car – with two large Platiktüten. It was now almost 15:00 clock when I arrived at the car. I stowed everything in the back seat of the car and drove home. I would come for another two hours until my husband from work. I knew that Sarah would stay with a friend today and my son on a LAN party at a friend was – for the whole night with friends any virtual battles with “Command and Conquer – Tiberium Wars” to deliver. My husband and I would be so today, Friday, undisturbed. When I arrived home, my son just stowed his computer and all accessories in a box: keyboard, mouse, LCD screen and lots of Coke and Red Bull cans. Since he is otherwise healthy and fed only with this game a little freaked evenings, I looked over it. I brought the groceries into the kitchen and put the bags out of the sex shop into the bedroom. Then I cleaned the kitchen into the purchased property. And I talked with my son. He would later be picked up by a friend, and he would be home again until tomorrow evening. Everything went perfectly. From my son, I also learned that my daughter was already at her friend. She would go with her to the movies tonight and then sleep with her. Because the couple wanted to go shopping together tomorrow, I also counted on her until the afternoon of the next day. I cleaned up a bit while I talked to my son about the beginning of the study soon. Clock at 16.00 then Sven’s friend stood at the door. My son gave me a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye. I gave him another 20-euro note into my hand. He thanked me and gave me a kiss. Then he and his friend with two packed boxes full of hardware, chips and drinks from the house. I rejoiced inwardly. The apartment was cleaned up so far. Champagne I had already sidelined, the Knusperente boneless – one of my husband’s favorite dishes – was already in the oven. I went upstairs and got undressed. I showered me just because I was sweating, and went into the bedroom. I unpacked my stuff acquired. I tucked the cuffs with the conclusions under my pillow. Then I put on the stockings and the corset. I tied the corset with suspenders and sat on the bed. I took out the love beads and read the instructions for this through. Then I did the love balls in my cunt. Only the withdrawal tape still looked out of my fuck hole. I gave up on a slip. I pulled a long black nightgown – I quite often when wearing casual clothing in the house – about. The corsage and the strap were not seen. I stashed the other clothes in my closet. I removed the bedspread and put it in the closet, newly purchased latex sheets, I pulled over the bed and laid the duvets and pillows on it. Then I took out two vibrators and stocked them with batteries that I had been brought from the cellar. The two vibrators wandered into the drawer. I stashed the high heels in the shoe closet and pulled on the boots. I did not expect that my husband would look after the arrival of the first work on my feet. I cleared a little up in the bedroom and bathroom, then I went down. I put a CD-operas – Turandot – in the CD player and closed all the curtains. The Teressentüre I opened it comes in a little air. I turned on the oven and set the table for my husband and me. I dimmed the lights down a little. The food was just finished when my husband arrived. I opened the door and greeted him with a kiss. He pulled his tie from the top shirt button opened. He hung his jacket on a hanger in the wardrobe. “Smells good.” He said as we walked into the living room together. “Sit down already go there, the food comes right away.” I said and went into the kitchen. I took the plate with the duck pieces and the pot was located in the red cabbage. Finally, I took another kibble out of the kitchen and sat him at the table. We filled our plates and drank a sip of champagne, then we ate. For the croquettes I had an idea. My husband was crazy for croquettes. This time he would love the very last croquette. Only now there were bullets in the way of my love. We ate and told us what we’d done the day above TOR. My visit to the Scales, I did not mention the time being. “May I have the last croquette, honey?” My husband asked as our plates were empty and only a croquette was in the glass bowl. I grabbed it. “I do not tasty kibble for you if you like.” He looked a little confused. “The croquettes tasted pop me in the way they are. But out of me. “He said. I got up and put the kibble on my plate. Then I sat down on the table and put my feet on the chair. He noticed my boots and was visibly delighted when I quickly took off my nightgown. “Wow!” He said when he saw me in my outfit. “I was accidentally today about your account on our PC and thought, a dominant amateur would you like your own home.” I spread my legs and he looked curiously at my cunt. The love juice was flowing from my cunt and my Fickdose made a clicking noise as I love the balls of my vagina got. My husband watched with great interest between my legs. “You’re the most beautiful Ehefau you can wish for.” He said. I picked up the kibble and put it into my cunt. “You are the last kibble can now like to have.” I lay back on the table, legs spread wide. The croquette stuck halfway into my pussy and my husband was kneeling on the floor. He ran his hands my boots and then my thighs. He kissed the insides of my thighs and eventually brought his mouth to my cunt. He put his mouth over my pussy and bite off of the kibble. He chewed and enjoyed. “Tastes good, your new recipe.” He said after he had swallowed. “There’s still something in my pantry.” I said with your hands and spread my labia. He licked my vulva and won – using his fingers and his tongue – the rest of the kibble from my cunt. He put the rest of the kibble – which had by now refined my taste Vaginalsäfte – in his mouth and swallowed them. Then he pressed his face into my leaking pussy with lust. He began to lick me. His tongue was trained and he sat this one sent. He stopped short and dainty rose to kiss me. It tasted and smelled like my pussy. “You’re a fucking pussy tasty.” He whispered in my ear and licked my ear lobe. “Do you like your own private Domination?” I asked, groaning. He responded nonverbally to my question: It took off his shoes, his socks, his shirt and trousers and laid them on the chair. Only in an undershirt and shorts, he stood before me, I could see that his cock was already stiff and hard. “Yes, my wife geällt me ??in her hooker outfit.” He answered, and gets rid of the undershirt and shorts. His penis was erect and I could see his penis because the foreskin was already withdrawn. “Then you must now do with your Ehehure what you want.” I said in a lascivious tone. He lifted my legs in the air and put one of my calves on his shoulders. Then he penetrated me. He penetrated me slowly. After several knocks, he pulled his penis from my vagina and he stroked my clit with his cock. I groaned. I figured that he’d fuck me again. Instead, I felt as he slid his hands under my chest and lifted me off the table. He carried me upstairs to the bedroom and lay down on our bed. “Where exactly are the kids?” He asked casually, while he knelt on the bed and stuck his cock in my cunt. “Sven is up tomorrow on a computer game party, Sara overnight with a friend.” My husband whispered something like “great thing” and continued fucking me. “I’d like to fuck from behind now. Can I send off your boots, my dear Fickstück? “With my outfit I had achieved what I wanted. Other sex than the usual sexual intercourse. “Yes, put your boots off Ehefotze and then fuck me from behind.” He opened up my boots and pulled the boot down on my legs. Then he stroked my legs and worked his way up front to fondle my private parts. “Look at even my night table drawer.” I told him. He slipped a bit in bed and opened up the Naschttisch. My old vibrator and the two new lay within, also the lubricant. He took everything out of the drawer and looked at the green joy donor type Patchy Paul II. He rubbed my pussy so, first without it on. Then he turned a little knob on the switch and the vibrator came to life. He stroked my labia to my clit and. While my husband kissed my pussy with the vibrator, he sought with his mouth to my mouth. We kissed and played with each other and our tongues. “Kneel down on the bed.” He said as we broke our tongue straight game. He pulled the vibrator out of my love cave and licked it. “You taste like delicious, dear wife.” He praised my taste as I knelt on the bed. I lifted my buttocks into the air and put my chest on the mattress. He pushed his penis in the back of my hallmark, while his hands stroked my buttocks. “In the ass I fuck you later, dear.” I heard him say while he fucked me harder. I caressed my clitoris. Together we came to a climax and I felt like he squirted his semen into my pussy. He lay down in the middle of the bed. On the back. “. Close your eyes” I told my husband – and followed. I took out the handcuffs under her pillow and pulled it over my husband’s wrists. Then I stared at the other end of the handcuffs on the headboard. He had now – which affected his arms – no more freedom of movement. I threw the pillows and blankets from the bed. “Did I even bought new.” I said. “Chic, these handcuffs.” My husband said of the latex sheets had not been registered. I placed myself on the bed over him. I fingered my pussy and gave my husband a private vibrator show. I finally put the vibrator to the side. “The sheet is also new. For wet games. “I whisper to my husband. He understood. I lowered myself down and slide up. I knelt over his head, handcuffed between his arms. “Ask your Ehehure to pee.” I said in my most dominant tone. “. Please piss in my mouth,” begged my husband – perhaps a little too submissive. But I did him a favor. I lowered myself and my frischgefickte drüchte cunt into his face. He licked the traces of insemination and opened his mouth, pressing his lips to my fuck hole. Then I let it. He greedily drank my urine – the latex sheet was in this case have been superfluous, since my leak and drinking slave wasted a drop. I finished peeing and then let me lick my cunt and pressed my vulva finally in my husband’s face. His face was wet with my Vaginalsäften. I kissed him on the mouth. Micht I can not remember that it smelled some point in times of sex in our bedroom as it is now. I unlaced my corset out – my husband and regretted it. “That thing looks so cool, honey! Leave it to yet. “He said. “Will not you fondle my tits?” I asked in an offended tone. I bent down, so he could fondle my tits with his mouth. He kissed my areola and then he licked my nipples. My nipples were hard and standing erect. With my hand I was looking for his tail, which was awakened to new life. “You pig, you made my pee treatment fit again?” I asked as he licked my tits. “Can you break the bonds again?” My husband asked me and I stood up and loosened the shackles. My husband stood up, too. “Lie down on the bed, Ehefotze.” My husband told me in a tone that brooked no opposition and aufgeilte me. I lay down and he tied me up like I did before. My husband, however, had more before. He went to the closet and opened a drawer, rummaged around in this. “Close your eyes.” He said and I followed. I felt like my ankles were secured with a leather belt on the bed. My legs were spread and I could only move my head. “You can open your eyes again.” My husband said as he stood on the bed. He was straddling me, my abdomen was between his legs. “You’ve certainly thirsty.” He asked. I said yes to his question. He went back a bit and now stood between my spread legs. Then he turned his penis on my pussy. He peed off and his stronger jet hit my pussy. He aimed at my clit and met them. He interrupted his stream and fell on my upper body. I opened my mouth and he stuck his big link in my Mundmöse. Then he piselte again. I had trouble swallowing his tail in his mouth and choke everything had to be light. A little pee ran down my cheeks. My husband pulled his penis out of my mouth and started to wank him slowly. “Come, I’ll do it to you with my mouth cunt.” I suggested to him and he shoved his dick into my mouth again. I sucked him and moved in front of my head and back while I held his penis in my mouth. Then he erupted. I felt the salty taste of cum in my mouth and as he removed his leg seeds out of my mouth, I got two sperm thrusts into my face. My husband got up and grabbed the green vibrator. He stroked my now fully peeing pussy and slowly pushed the toy in my vagina. He fucked me slowly with the sex toy and caressing my hand with the whole mound. This treatment did not miss their target. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the rise in me. This time I cried the orgasm out of me. My husband broke the chains and removed the vibrator from my cunt, which was open like a barn door. I got up, I smelled like urine and sex. “Do you believe in the bathtub, I’ll still be here just clean. For the next round. “My husband said and kissed me. I was impressed: So hot we had never driven it I think. I went into the bathroom and turned on the water, before I took a shower just from me in the tub. I lay down in the tub, one leg hanging over the pool edge. So my husband had something nice to look like when he came in. After a good 10 minutes, my husband came into the bathroom. “But this has taken.” I said with a smile and lifted my butt a little into the air. He looked at my cunt. “Did displaced in the sheet and pulled the sheet over the normal bed. That takes time. “He replied and looked at me. “I wanted to make me even just yourself. But now when you’re gone. “I said to my husband and ran a hand through my vulva. My husband sits in the tub. With his feet now, he stroked my clit. His toe went smoothly on my lust pearl and ready with a great pleasure. “In bed, it would be more comfortable.” My husband said I had nothing to say against another one and got up. “While we’re here: I would just pee. You can then yes you shower off immediately. “My husband noted that this will not be necessary. He pressed his mouth over my cunt and I peed in his mouth. To show how well he liked my champagne, he finally licked my pussy. We both got out of the tub and dried us off. We hugged and I felt his cock on my thighs. I broke our embrace and took his pleasure in my hand dispenser. I pushed the foreskin back slightly and kissed his penis. Then I took his cock in his hand again – and “moved” him along with his owner back into the bedroom. The bed was freshly made and packed the latex sheets in the laundry basket. My husband grabbed the lube and told me to make his penis again fickfertig. I did him the favor gladly. I first kissed his scrotum and sucking finally – slowly and enjoyable – his Ficklanze hard. “That should be enough, madam.” My husband said softly, “You may now put on the bed and put on the legs.” I did what he wanted. He came to the bed and stuck his cock in my pussy at lightning speed. “Oh, that was now the wrong hole.” He said entschuldigent and took his penis out of my Mösenloch. He opened the tube of lubricant and smeared my Zweitfickloch one with it. Then he rubbed his penis with the gel and put them on to my back door. Very slowly he pushed his cock in my ass and slowly and carefully, he fucked me anally I said and showed him how well I did this treatment and moaned with lust. I groped with my hand back on the bedside table after the vibrator and got the – previously unused – the type elLOVE vibrator in hand. So I massaged my wet pussy, turned it on and put it in my Hauptfickloch. While my husband penetrated my anus, I was fucking my pussy with the vibrator. My husband liked our – like it usually extending – love game. With the question “Are you mad about the porn sites I’ve visited?” My husband surprised me suddenly while we fucked. I answered truthfully that I think it’s OK if he gets appetite elsewhere as long as home is eaten. “We both knew nothing else about our curiosity about anal sex. . We have not talked for ages about our sex life “My husband surprised me with his answer:” You’re fattening enough appetite – I’m horny but unfortunately no pictures of you that I could look at me when you are asleep or in the office I am. “A higher compliment can be expected after so many years, hardly a wife. “Then do it some cool pictures of me.” I said and pulled a shoulder. My husband looked as if he had just won the lottery and hit the jackpot. “Fuck you continue with the vibrator, I get the camera.” He said and left the room. I stopped looking for him in the study. About a minute later he was back with me. “Crap! We would have to get the camera before. “He said as he turned on me and she photographed while masturbating. “Yes, jerk your horny cunt!” My husband apparently turns a video – and I spread my legs wide open. I pulled the vibrator out of my hole and sucked it off. He filmed everything, ran zoomed in on my pussy and praised the taste of my Mösensäfte. I was horny again. “Fuck my ass rather continue,” I said and he came up to me. With one hand, he sank his cock in my ass and filmed me while he fucked me. I felt his cock into my rectum, pushing the vibrator in my cunt. This probably stimulated him further. Groaning at the same time we came to a climax and he shot – a small amount – cum on my pussy as he rauszog his penis from my ass. He switched off the camera and went to bed with me. Closely entwined, we slept together and were monitored only at 7.00 clock. I was awakened by my husband, who was awake before me and lick my cunt immediately went about his need. With a “Good morning, my dear Fotzenlecker” I greeted him and he mumbled “Good morning dear” in my pussy. “That feels so good,” I moaned, “but I need something To Fill my hole.” He had misunderstood me, but this was not bad. He took his finger with my cunt juice slippery and led until the middle, then in addition to the index finger in my pussy one. He stroked my clitoris with his tongue. “Whether one would fit in there my whole hand?” I heard my husband ask my pussy while he carefully examined. “You know where the lubricant is. Just try it out. Said, “I reached for the lube for sex toys, they lay on the bed. He smeared his entire right hand with the lubricant. My cunt needed no Adicional moisture: The wet as was the Atlantic. Now very gently, he pushed his outstretched hand – with the exception of the thumb – in my cunt. I moaned, this treatment was just awesome. With four fingers he gently fucked me now. He turned his hand into my pussy and I groaned out loud. My husband put his thumb under his Handgläche and the other four fingers to again take his hand in my cunt. Until now, he put the wrist in my pussy. I felt a need to pee the dringelnde, because he probably my bubble of such stimulated. My husband would be so happy after you blow on fresh water gold. I was being fucked by his fist, while he licked my clit, which was quite swollen and sticking out between my lips. The day started great, I thought. I had an orgasm and squirted as my husband put his hand out of my fuck hole, as I do. No urine, but a watery fluid. My husband got everything now and was thrilled. “What was that?” He asked and I replied that just can cum and women. “Then give it to websites.” I said and giggled. I now had to pee really dringeln and said this to my husband, we went into the bathroom and he lay down on the runners, I sat on his face and took my piss hole over his mouth in postition. Then I let it. My husband swallowed everything. I took care of me now for his morning latte and stroking it slowly. He spurted from his sperm and ran over my hand. “Actually, we can make the breakfast rush and birds all morning.” I suggested. My husband noticed that a strengthening would not be bad, but he was back after breakfast ready for sex. Naked under our robes open, we went down and I prepared ourselves for breakfast. Coffee, eggs and whole wheat bread should raise my weary warriors again. We ate breakfast and listened extensively to the radio. My husband put himself out to be a very Naughty: He ate his breakfast egg peeled – after he has pushed it purely in my pussy – right out of my cunt. It was a wonderfully-horny mess was happening with us at the dinner table. I smeared a little Nutella on my husband’s penis and licked it off of this. We were interrupted, and probably both looked very surprised – as we saw our daughter standing together with her friend at the door. I had it cleared up soon and of course they knew that we had something like a sex life. I took at the same time by her friend. But on this sight – my pussy in half an egg and put on her father rumleckte while I sucked on his penis Nutella – she was not well prepared. The two are wanted – very confused – a good morning and apologized for it, just like that come into the house to be. My husband and I got up and we grabbed the bathrobe. We mumbled something about that now that the two need not be embarrassed and it was a mistake for us not to close the door. I bridged the awkward silence and offered both in a coffee – which she accepted gratefully. “We did not want to disturb you at breakfast. I just wanted to get just my wallet that I’ve forgotten with all the money yesterday and we wanted to go shopping. “Said my daughter. I had to express their “disturbing breakfast” almost burst out laughing, but could not control myself. My daughter went upstairs and returned with her wallet. I assumed that you are not passing on to our bedroom, nine of the sex toys and my clothes may have escaped. I took 40 euros from my wallet and gave it to Sara’s hand – as pocket money for shopping as I said. She thanked me politely and her friend and they went out of the house. My husband laughed out loud after the two were no longer in the room and I had to laugh. “You still have my breakfast eggs in your pussy, honey.” He said and pulled down my robe. I opened the robe of my husband – his penis was smeared with Nutella no longer stiff. But I had already thought of a way would be right for me to adjust operating condition again. Also, I opened my robe and my husband took with fingers and tongue, the mashed egg from my cunt. Then he used both hands to my pussy a little too wide, with his tongue, he pressed me, and he devoured the broken egg. “Come on, I got an appetite for something sweet,” I said, my husband understood what I meant. He got up and I knelt down. I took his penis in my mouth and sucked on the Nutella. His cock was stiff again here. I leaned over the table and he fucked me through from behind. A plate fell off the table and broke it. “Broken crockery brings you luck,” I moaned, “but your cock in my hole makes you happy.” So hot today as never had been fucked NICH. This time I had no real orgasm, my husband splashed out prematurely, but was still really satisfied. We cleaned up the kitchen and went again into the tub. It was very relaxing and we talked about our daughter, we decided that the theme I “We have been caught.” Should talk with her. We were sure that her “first time” behind him and had no lasting damage would suffer. My man mumbled something and I asked for. Then he told something I never thought: “It was two weeks ago, on Saturday. You were shopping and I used the hardware store back. You know, because of the broken electrical outlet in the laundry. “I remembered this Saturday and told my husband that he should proceed. He then related what he saw this Saturday. “So I came home early and the house was empty. I thought the children were not in the house. I mounted the plug and went into the bedroom to get me to move. It was this hot Saturday and I was sweaty. Then I watched from the bedroom into the garden and I saw it. “My husband stopped. “And what did you see?” I asked. My husband took a short breath and continued. “Sara was sitting on a deck chair in the garden. She only had her sunglasses on and was otherwise naked. I could even see that she has completely shaved her pussy, and only a few hairs were there on her pubic mound. Sven knelt before her, and satisfied them with a peeled banana, which he ate it. “I thought for a moment and asked myself this situation before in the garden. Sara had no time for a boyfriend and a girlfriend Sven. I told my husband “Well, they’re not blood relatives, and just discovering their sexuality. I think we should not interfere. “My husband told me that he had reached the same conclusion. “Theoretically, we’re not entirely blameless: we have it – in the sexual sense – liberally educated. They have always noticed that we have a sex life and joint visits to the sauna and every year the naturist holiday, we should look forward, that they are not uptight people, but tolerant and open to experimentation. And remember: No hot in our family is blood related to each other – except for the blood-relationship between you and Sara: But you would hardly be able to impregnate. So even if we were all fucking each other, it would not really incest, “I was reassured about my daughter -. As far as the scene in the kitchen. And I was surprised: When I thought of Sven was cool. I suppressed my thoughts and my husband and I were drinking our coffee out in the tub, left the bathroom. I still admitted at the bottom, my husband took down the laundry and washed clean the latex sheets and sex toys by hand. He insisted on taking me to introduce the vaginal. We were sure that the sheet would be used again today and tonight Fotzenkugeln would my husband be taken out of my fuck hole – we would thoroughly fuck tonight…

Will be continued!

The Way of the Godmother I

This story is under construction:

My name is Mary Corleone. I am the granddaughter of Michael Corleone, the first-born daughter of Anthony Vito Corleone, Michael’s son. My aunt and my grandfather died before my birth, my father had kept out from the “Business” during the lifetime of my grandfather – and done so as well after grandpa died. The death of his sister has a lasting influence on him. Vincent Mancini, the son of my great-aunt, for I have always been more than a second cousin was. After admission to our family, he was allowed to wear our proud name: Don Vincenzo Corleone. Mr. Harrison, the last of my father’s lawyer and adviser, and he got me, since I was the 14th Age had reached my future role as “godmother” prepared – against the will of my Father. Don Vincenzo and Mr. Harrison led me to the history of our family. On my 15th Years I was a “Bodyguard” is assigned, which served as a “boy for all” and soon – he was just 18 years old and the son of our Chauffeurs – should also serve as my driver. There he lived with his father, Alfred Neri Jr., on our land who know Marco Neri (so is my protector) and I have been playing together in the sandbox. Shortly, after my 16th Birthday, the attacks of 9/11  passed a few days, I also learned to use my cunt as an effective “pressure” to enforce my wishes and to manipulate men. It is a more dangerous weapon than guns – and it tastes much better than a gun. My parents were on vacation, and Marco had to provide the job that I am at the weekend on time (and alone) home and come to bed when I was out with friends. It was – as already mentioned – shortly after my 16th Birthday and I wanted to invite my friends – all of whom (female only!) were already 16 years old or older – to a nice evening watching television with beer and snacks and do what young women do: talking about men and maybe watch a good (porn) movie. The only obstacle was just my “Teen Sitter”. I had to find a way to trick him. Although we often together jokes exaggerated and have more of a friendly relationship, he took the task, Don Vincenzo and my parents gave him, to look at me carefully. My 16th Birthday was a few days back. I lost my virginity just after my 14th birthday. I had no boyfriend.  With sex, I would blind both eyes of Marco. On Friday, the day when my party should happen, I came from school  – as every Friday – at around 14.00 clock. Marco´s father picked me up. I got out of the car and greeted Marco, working in the front of the garage. “Hello Marco!” I greeted him. “Hello mademoiselle Corleone,” said Marco. I now put my plan into action. “I need a young, strong man for some work in the house. Can you come over and help me in half an hour? “Marco looked at his father. “If Mrs. Corleone needs help, you have to help her. From the little radio that stood in front of the garage, came straight news about the terrorist attack a few days ago. On the – unfortunately now engraved into the collective memory – 11th of  September, several aircraft converted into flying bombs, guided into the twin towers of the WTC and the Pentagon. We heard all to the news anchor. I cleared my throat. Marco and his father apologized for their absent, because they were distracted from the radio. I expressed my full understanding. “Yes, signorina, I am then on the stroke of 14.45 clock with you.” It was so perfect. “No problem, signora!” confirms his father the appointment. “Perfect.” I said in the direction of Marcos. “Or we say better in 45 minutes.” – “ Because I still have to shave my pussy and take a little shower,” I thought the reason only – did not spoke it  not. “OK, signora,” said Marco. I quickly went into the house, I took off my clothes, went into the bathroom, shaved the pubic hair off around my luscious lips. Now I only had a small landing strip of pubic hair on my pubic mound. With a hair trimmer I made this nice and short. I took a shower. “Oh my God.” I thought when I looked at the clock and  the bell rang already. I was stark naked. I went to the dooropener, which – like the bathroom – was on the first floor. On the small screen, I saw Marco, standing at the door. I spoke to him through the intercom. “I’ve showered. I’ll be right down, please wait for me in the living room.” I opened the door, Marco entered. I wrapped my body with a towel, which reached only up to my thighs. One wrong move and it would fall down – not to mention the fact, that my pussy would be seen when I sit or I “accidentally” lean forward. I wondered briefly, whether I was going to be offensive and negated my fears. I really had not looked at the clock and therefore I had to meet Marco nearly naked. So I went – with a towel over her hair and otherwise wearing only a towel into the living room. Marco nearly lost his eyes, when I came into the living room. He muttered something about an apology and turned away his face. I had to laugh. “Hey, I’ve asked for you because I need your help. I did not looked at the clock and I´m “veiled”. You don´t need to turn your eyes away.“ He mumbled a” Thank you, godmother,“ and looked – standing before the sofa chair – in my face, “where can I help now, signora,” he said to bridge the – probably unpleasant for him – situation. I came straight to the point now: “. OK, follow me” I went from the living room, he ran behind me. We walked up the stairs. I knew of course that he now could see my pussy from behind – and my sexy butt. We went into my bedroom. “What I have to do now, signora?” Marco asked, looking around in my room. I sat on the bed and spoke quietly to him: “You have to follow my wishes and take care of me. If I would have a party tonight with several friends, would you notify my parents or Don Vincenzo?“ He immediately replied: ”Yes, signora. But I dont know, what does this have to do now with the work I’ve to do here for.” I smiled: “That is to say: I like you: No matter what I do now, you do not look away,” he replied, not knowing what I had in mind. I got rid of the towel, lay back and spread my legs.” He fascinated look first at my pussy, then he looked away. What I had expected. “Look at me: So, what you should? You should now put your cock in my pussy – in preparation for tonight – and move your dick in and out in my cunt! Tonight few friends of mine, in which you tonight also allowed to sink your cock, will visit me. I expect that you don’t tell anybody about the events that happend in this house, during your boss, Don Vincenzo, or my parents or Mr. Anderson were absent.“ As I said this I spread my labia and rubbed lightly on my clitoris. I looked at him, he stared at my pussy. “Hello,” I asked softly, “is that okay?” He thought for a moment. . Yes, godmother, that’s fine, “I held out my hand, which he – kissed – as a sign of respect. For safety, I asked again: “So: No word on what happened here this evening when my friends there!” He gave me his word of honor. “OK. Then pull you out completely and go shower, you smell a bit of sweat from work,” I pointed to the bathroom door. Towels are next to the bathtub. “I stroke my pussy a little now to keep my lust level: If you’re clean, you may come in and you have to lick and fuck me. But not in the butt or something, otherwise I would report to Don Vincenzo something negative about yourself” He undressed, his cock was already standing upright – tall and thick was his penis. He went into the bathroom and I could hear as he took a shower. He had not closed the door to the bathroom, but I could not see from my current position, what happened in the bathroom. So I turned and looked him in the shower. Behind the frosted glass I could only see his outline, but obviously he made his penis clean and tidy. The water was shut off, I heard the shower cabin was opened and he was drying his strong body. I had now brought my little toy (hidden under the pillow before) to its destination. My vibrator, which I got as a gift from a friend, stuck deep in my young pussy. Marco came into the room, swinging a towel around his waist, his huge stand which could hardly conceal. “Remove the towel.” I spoke with a tone that did not allow resistance. He let the towel fall to the ground and I saw his huge cock. The foreskin was pulled back and his penis was a little moist because his Cowper’s glands were already active, and departed the precursor of the tail milk from his vas deferens. I removed the vibrator from my cunt, my pussy made thereby a smacking noise. “You may now lick the cunt of your godmother.” I said to Marco, laid the vibrator that was blessed by my secretions, on my bedside table. Marco came to the bed and knelt down before that. He came forward, his head between the spreaded legs of his godmother. He began to lick my cunt. Very carefully. He kissed the  inside of my thighs too. Steadily he licked my young pussy, led among them is his middle finger. His fingertip was up and he did so grinding movements. If there really is such thing like a G-spot (I have an Internet access on my PC since 1998 and I know about all aspects of sexuality), he found it. He licked me violently and I squirted – for him just as surprising as it is for me. He was now on the bed, lay down on top of me and introduced his stiff cock, with my help, into my vagina. He fucked me in the missionary position, I groaned and rubbed it with one hand on my clitoris. I came for the second time – in a relatively short time after my first orgasm. “Cum on! please squirt on the cunt and on the stomach of your godmother.“ I said to him. He pulled his dick from my cunt and jerked it. In three waves, he discharged his semen. His cum landed on the area around my belly button and on my pussy.  Luckily I took the pill! I ordered him to lick my pussy and to clean, the area around my cunt, with his tongue, which he did thoroughly. I repeated again the conditions of the “Treaty”: “So, you’re here tonight at 21:15 clock and then you may fuck all my friends, in the ass, if they want, too. However, I would not be fucked in the butt for the first time. But you don’t tell anybody about tonight!“ Marco muttered, during he dressed after my pussy was licked properly, that he and his father would be buried at the bottom of any lake when its leaders would knew from what happened here – and he has to by silent because of self-protection. Not quite true. My family and the Neri family are friends since the active period of my grandfather. I was satisfied and was able to make preparations for the evening. Marco dressed ready, thanked for the beautiful afternoon and the confidence that I have in his craft (in this formulation I had to smile) and say goodbye with the words “Till tonight then,” I was going to plan the evening, so that it´s a really dirty event for my friends and myself!

I knew that my four friends, who would come today evening, had all their “first time” behind them. I also knew that Aurora, Elena and Claudia – all 16th years old (like me) or above – were – interested in boys and experiments. Sara was a year older than us and lived now for one year in the States. Her father is American, her mother Finn – and in Finland she has lived until the end of her 15th Year of life. Her father was called back from the American parent company, for who he worked in Finland, to the group headquarters – he came with his family in the States. Sarah was, as far as I could tell, just as dirty and corrupt as I am. I caught her once – when I walked through the garden to her room to surprise her with my visit – masturbating. I found her lying on her bed in front, on the video that she watched, three well-equipped black men fucked an older woman. Naked, and with a vibrator in the vagina, Sara looked at the scene from the bed and drove himself to orgasm by hand. I watched and helped her a little. I was interested in her toys and she gave me one of her vibrators. I would Sara – who also had really big breasts – initiate into my plan and ask her to bring some nice X-rated films tonight. So I grabbed the phone and had Sara immediately on the line. I told her about the sex I had with Marco and described everything in detail. She wanted to know everything possible and I told her about the size of his tail and his trained tongue. I let the cat out of the bag: “I invited Marco for tonight. I’m intending to hold a small orgy. Can you bring some toys and some nice movies?” Sara was thrilled and agreed. “There’s one more thing: I told Marco that he can fuck tonight one of us in the ass.” Do you have an idea, who from the girls could allow anal sex?” Sara was now frantically: “Yes, I do. OK, now I’ll get the movies and a couple of dildos and a gel for me to make my asshole slippery. I sometimes do now chic and cool. I’m at your home at 19:00 clock.” Surprised and pleased by her enthusiasm, I was speechless when she abruptly ended the call. I spent the afternoon with cleanup. Everything that could get damaged, I brought out of the living room. The sofas and armchairs I covered with cloth, the carpet I brought in the basement. After I had showered and dressed me (rock, bra, blouse, comfortable shoes), I went to the supermarket around the corner and bought snacks and drinks afterwards. From the – well equipped – bar my father, which is in the party room of the guesthouse, I borrowed a few bottles of alcoholic beverages: champagne, bourbon, Martini and other stuff. I had completed most of the preparations and was more than the schedule. I took the credit card is available to me and went to the house of Marco and his father. Both were outside the house and watched on a portable TV the news. I said that I had to get downtown a few things and needed a driver. “OK, I’ll go to the wagon.” Marcos said his father. “I’m coming too.”  said Marco. “Great, I could use help with the bear.” The sedan drove up, Marco sat front next to his father, I sat in the back. Marcos’s father spoke to me through the intercom system – the front of the sedan was shielded by a dividing wall from the rear of the car – to: “Signora, it’s okay if I stay here and Marco goes, I can then continue with the work outside the house?” I granted his wish and adopted him. Marco got in the driver’s seat and we drove off. I lifted my skirt, knowing that Marco – who just fucked him – could see my cunt. “Where we go, my godmother?” His way of talking to me made me horny. “3247 Industrial Road,” I said. He smiled when we arrived at the destination and he pakrked the car in front of the “Deja Vu Love Boutique”. “Come with me,” I said to my driver, when he opened my car door. We entered the store and an employee to us, we were asked for our ID cards. “I’ve forgotten my ID.” I said quietly. “Unsurprisingly, this document” I gave the employee my American Express Platinum Card.  My proud name – Mary Corleone – was printed on the card. The clerk gulped and said that I am welcome to the shop -  and every wish will be fulfilled. “Well, good to know that my proud name is being accepted here,” I said to the, visible frightened, woman, who was perhaps mid-20s: “I need some toys – vibrators for the pussy, vibrators for the ass, all in 5 copies, like from different manufacturers – and to put something nice for me, preferably in black, open crotch, or at least to the pussy can be exposed quickly.”

Will be continued!